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InPlace Medical Solutions is a Brand Division of NuPhysicia Inc., the telemedicine experts. Our primary goal is to protect your business's number one asset – People. We provide turnkey healthcare solutions for displaced populations. Anywhere in the world where people are working away from population centers where it is logistically challenging, expensive, or dangerous to move personnel is where we make sense.


“Being able to converse with a Doctor made me more comfortable. This system is great and should be used on all our rigs. Guys working on this rig are more relaxed knowing that while away from home they can still have access to quality doctors.”

- Drilling Contractor SE Asia

“I recently had a driller with kidney stone problems. Being able to consult with a doctor made the patient fell more secure within himself. The doctor helped in the treatment of the patient while on the rig, until he was evac’d from the rig. The doctor also helped in the services at the hospital. He was a big help.”

- Drilling Contractor SE Asia

“VERY POSITIVE! I would like to see this implemented on all rigs. A lot better than any “Rig Dr.” that I have seen in the past on any rig from South America to India.”

- Drilling Contractor SE Asia

“The use of this system provides so many added benefits to providing excellent patient care. Instead of my focusing on all aspects equally, I was able to give my attention to one task at a time since I actually had a doctor watching everything else. The professionalism of the call center staff and all the Nuphysicia doctors is unmatched to the experiences that I have had over the last 11 years of my career. You can tell that they enjoy being doctors and they genuinely care about our people on the rig.”

-Drilling Contractor US Gulf of Mexico

Services Offered

  • Remote Duty Paramedics and Nurses
  • Telemedicine Program Management
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Medical Control
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Medical Inventory Management
  • Wellness Program
  • Contract Medical Director
  • Additional Services

Where are we?


We have representatives in N. America, S. America, Middle East and SE Asia. We are anywhere you are. We are able to provide services to most regions of the globe in accordance with international laws.